What is travelling for you?

For me travelling is an exploration and a journey of self-discovery.

I like to get to know not only the people but also the culture, to find out what’s out there and to experience it with my own 5 senses. It’s exciting to face the unknown world and experience lots of surprises. I like to travel responsibly and blend in with the locals. Adventure travel is my style. Everybody has their own purpose and the way they travel. But the bottom line is to have a great time. One of the keys to enjoying your trip is to find the right travel style and information.

So I decided I would like to share my experience and knowledge about travelling as both a Female Solo Traveller and Travel Consultant. I am going to write about countries, travel tips, living in a foreign country, books related to travelling and culture, health and skin care for travelling, Food and much more. I hope it helps you to find out how you would like to travel or if you have a specific question please contact me and I will help you find the answer.

Let’s ENTER the unknown door and start the ” Journey “ with me!

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