A Best-Kept Secret Spot in Kyoto

Kyoto has so many great temples and they are very beautiful.  But the problem is that it will cost a lot to enter (Usually you want to visit at least 3~5 temples )  like many of the sights around the world.  Plus there will be many people.

I have not been to Kyoto for a long time and I avoid going there because of it.  I like Nara better than Kyoto.  Nara is quiet and spacious.  But this time, I found Kyoto is not bad at all after all.

I visited Higashi-Honganji ” & “Nishi-Honganji close to Kyoto station.  Both temples are active temple where locals go.  Of course, it’s free!! My family belong to ” Higashi-Honganji” .  When my grandparents passed away, each time, my family took cremains to this temple.  We keep a part of cremains in tomb close to our home and some of the cremains to the main temple.   I have never had a chance to visit this temple before and it was my first time this time.

I am not sure because it was weekday  ( Nov 10, 2011)  or not, there were not so many people there and it was very peaceful.  I like the smell of incense.  I think this is a good place to see real Japanese worship.   This is not a sightseeing spot.  People come here to pray and talk to thier ancestors.



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