35,000 people head to Everest, what will be left behind?

Reaching the top of the highest mountain, Everest is one of the mountaineer dreams and every year 35,000 people visit the mountain accompanied by 80,000 porters, to attempt to reach the top.

Isn’t that amazing number ??  They usually stay there about two months.  You can imagine how much garbage are left behind along the way.  So they start campaign;

‘Save Mt. Everest Campaign’

They even collect human waste.  The Picture below, this is a toilet tent. There is a plastic barrel underneath.  They put plastic bag inside of barrel and collect it and carry it down.   I felt sorry for that job…

The Everest base camp is on the glacier.  So it will melt and eventually it will affect a wide range.

There are so many garbage.  People keep bring stuff into the camp during the expedition.

Carrying heavy fuel for cooking and heaters

Sherpas bring heavy oxygen bottles down from higher camps.  It is very hard job.  It’s not only heavy but also working condition is tough and dangerous.

oxygen bottles

There was 8 tons of metric waste. The garbage are pipes, old ropes and tents, to plastic bottles, empty oxygen bottles, food, and medicine, not to mention bodies of those who never make it as well.  I heard that you will see unfortunate climbers left at higher altitude when you are climbing along the path in Tibet, North side.    But in Nepal South side, thanks to Sherpa, they will bring them down.

It’s a beautiful place.  We do not want to ruin it for sure.

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