Cheap airport hotel in Korea

Are you looking for a transit hotel close to Seoul International Airport ( Incheon Airport ) ?  If so,  I recommend this hotel !  Good location !  Good price !

Global Guest House

801 IBC Daewoo Theoville, 2850 Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon Airport, Incheon, South Korea

This time, I used Korean Airlines to Nepal and used this hotel.  I loved it!   It’s very close to an airport, less than 5 minutes drive. There is a Best Western hotel across the street and they were charging 2-3times more.  It’s located in the same area as those expensive hotels.  Room is nice and clean. It looks quite new.   They use rooms in an apartment building.   The room has a small kitchen ( no pots and pans, or dishes ) as well.  They put basic amenity like regular hotel has.  There is a convenience store,  open 24hours, I think , and a few restaurants in the same building.  I arrived around 1am and left 9am, so I was not there when the restaurants were open.  I cannot tell if the restaurants are good or not.  I got a breakfast from the convenience store.  They have a microwave so you can have something hot if you like.  There is coffee & tea plus cups in the room.

My flight arrived 11:30pm and originally I was thinking to stay at a hostel in Seoul city centre but there was no public transportation late at night.  So if I took a taxi, it cost more.  Plus it would take about one hour to get there.  By the time I could sleep, it would be around 3am.  So this was much better.  It’s a little bit noisy from late flights but I did not mind.  There was a cable TV showing a few English channels as well as arrival and departure info.  Which was nice.

There is no front desk. ( They have an office room on 8th floor but it does not open 24hours ) So if somebody needs a 24 hours assistant, this is not for you.  I did not see anybody except a driver.  I went to an airport information desk and they called the hotel for me.  Then within 15 minutes or so, the driver came to pick me up.  Then he gave me a key and asked me what time I needed a ride on the next day.  Next morning, he showed up on time and drove me back to the airport.  I returned the key back to him.

I would be lost in a building at midnight or I could not checked in if I just took a taxi to the hotel.  You should take a free transfer service at any time of the day. There was no phone number on the voucher or website.  Luckily I e-mailed Agoda where I made this booking through to ask about a transfer, they gave me a phone number (8232 743 0253 ).  I also put a note about my flight schedule.

I think it is always better to get a hotel phone number if you cannot find any on the website or on a voucher.

Other than that, I am very happy about this hotel and hotel booking website, Agoda.   They responded me right away and answered all my questions.

Agoda seems to have better price and different property, especially in Asia. Agoda will be my first choice to check the price now.

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