Make your own banner for free!

I made my own Banner!! This Website is so cool!

My Banner maker

You can make own ad for free! I needed to have one for Japanese info site but I do not know all the codes to make one. So I am so happy!

Mine is this.

Create your own banner at!

They do not take a Japanese letter, so I use Picasa before uploading a picture. When I first started a blog and a website last November or so, I had no idea how to do it. My friend whom I used to work with at Trek Escapes always told me where to look for my answer and helped me.  All his hints were very helpful. I google the sites, watch You Tube, play around with it and attend website & business meet-up groups. I learned so much for last 6 months. I was away for Japan and Nepal in April and May, so less than 6 months..  To me which is great progress.  I did not grow up in a computer generation.  So everything is new but I cannot afford to go to school.  I feel this is better way to learn. I need hands-on study.

Anyway I am just so impressed by technology. Everything is so easy now. Many new jobs are created and many are gone because of that …


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