Must Have Travel Gear for a Backpacker – Sandal

Pack light is the most important for a backpacker. When I choose material, I am very picky about the weight.

You must have a pair of sandals and I like Crocsicon for traveling. It’s light and quick dry . So it’s good when I take shower at hostel or the basic accommodation where I have to use communal bath and when I walk around the beach and so on.  It’s good for relaxing feet after a long hike at the camp or tea houses ( Nepal ).

I have this style.Cleo

It’s get almost flat and easy to carry.  However I have bunions so this style is not good for walking around on rough surface like a gravel road and a bad street like in Nepal or India.  It has good cushion so even though I do not use for a long walk, it’s better than others for me.

I saw some climbers at the Everest base camp ( Nepal side ), where is on the glacier and there are lots of stones, wearing Crocs Regular Style icon. It comfortably covers your feet.

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