What is Tamagotchi?

The reason I choose “Tamagotchi” to symbolize my work is I want you to see my growth and become part of it.

So what is Tamagotchi ??   Tamagotchis are virtual pets that were very popular in Japan in 1996.

The Japanese toy company, Bandai sold 70,000,000 Tamagotchis at that time. They started being sold worldwide as of 2008. Upgraded Tamagotchi were created in 2010, and they have become popular again in Japan.

Tamagotchis get their name from the Japanese word “Tamago” – which means Egg. Tamagotchis are small egg-shaped devices with three buttons. You name your Tamagotchi and raise him or her. You need to feed them, play with them, educate them and you can even take them on trips! Depending on how much attention you pay to them and how you raise them, your baby Tamagotchi will mature into a different adult Tamagotchi. But if you do not pay much attention to them, you can even kill them and you will see angel Tamagotchi on the screen! But don’t worry, you can always start over again.

You will be amazed by what this small & basic toy can do. It was the start of all the complicated electronic games you see these days.

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