Mainly I travel alone and meet locals and other travelers, as I travel. Sometimes I hang around with locals or travel a few days or a few weeks with other travellers. There are not many female travellers traveling alone outside of Europe. So in the pictures it looks like I have lots of boyfriends, but… にひひ

Sometimes I take Adventure tours where it is more difficult to travel alone or if it is the kind of vacation that would cost a lot of money to alone, like a Safari for example. I also take adventure tours to familiarize myself with how the tours run. This is very helpful since I work in the travel business.

It was fun traveling in small groups; my travel groups were full of great people. I really enjoyed my cycling tour. A cycling tour is a great way to travel. Cycling tour was so enjoyable because I didn’t have to carry everything in my hands or stop to check a map at every corner. I only stopped to take pictures!

★ Kenya, Tanzania & Zanzibar – October 2006

★ Egypt – mid February~March, 2008

★  Nepal – April ~ May, 2008

★ Pakistan – May, 2008

★ Cycling Cuba – March, 2009

★ Japan – April, 2011

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