People I met ( Other travellers, climbers, amazing people )

★ Sharon Cohrs from Australia.  She is a breast cancer survivor and she reached the summit of Mt Everest (8848m)!! She became the 1st Breast Cancer survivor in the world to achieve this.

★ A great and very funny Canadian ( Laval St. Germain ) who is the first Canadian to summit Mount Everest without oxygen.

★ The big show in the mountains, a great climber, a cyclist, a triathlon athlete & a speaker, Aussie Gavin Vickers . We met along the Annapurna circuit in Nepal.

Dan Mazur who is a very funny and laid back professional expedition climber with lots of great experiences.

Arnold Coster who is very relaxed, and thoughtful professional climber. I love his laugh.  He also loves cycling around Nepal and told me nice routes and about local  Nepali cycling club I can go with.

Erik Petersen – A climber & a surfer with a guitar who lives in Singapore teaching the fit bar .  I met him at Everest Base Camp.

Sunita – Very kind Nepali woman who wants to support own country by Mountain Volunteer.  She is also very helpful for Volunteers.

Katie McDougall – Very nice Aussie Photographer, we met in Egypt during the Kumuka trip. I like her sky photos.

★ A Great Taekwondo instructor, Jason Smith who has a school in Sydney, Australia. He also teaches healthy life style through training. He is very positive, caring and inspiring person.  We also met in Egypt during the Kumuka tour.

★ A Cyclist Philosophy Professor, Joe Cruz. (his cycling travel blog is very exciting!  ) I met him along the Annapurna circuit, as well as Swedish Professor Georges Dreyfus who used to be a Tibetan buddhist monk and a French translator for Dalai Lama.  Now he is teaching Tibetan Buddhism at Williams College in the States.

★ French Boys, Eddy & Yohann, backpack around the world with a stuffed sheep. Their blog has nice pictures. We also met in Nepal 2008 trip.  They are heading to travel again soon.

Ernest Yoong , a retired civil and environmental engineering professor at University of Southern Queensland whom I run into Namche, Nepal 2011.  I met him a year before at Everest Base Camp in Tibet.  This time he was trekking to Nepali Everest Base Camp in his 70’s.  He is very kind and always shared me snacks ! His environmental work is also impressive.  Jeremy Jenkin travelled around the world by a bicycle .  He was hit by car in Tibet and lived in China for a while.  I met him in Pakistan.

Wouter, a funny marketing Dutch guy who makes everybody laugh and also a good entertainer for kids.  I am impressed by his performance.  One of the best travel buddies I have met in Pakistan.

Dan from NY I met at hostel in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1995 is also a good travel buddy who taught me how to do hitchhiking.  He is an idea man and started NY SMARTS .

Jean-Luc, Photographer & Video Producer from Switzerland and Francois from Belgium is now the owner of Voyages Terres Sacrées, we all met at ferry terminal from Jordan to Egypt.

Amin from Kings Palace Hotel in Cairo, used to live in Japan.  All the staffs are very helpful and friendly.  They even found the lost wallet in the taxi  for a guest!

and many more!

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