Useful links for travel

Visa & Passport Information
Travel Reports & Warnings ( Canada )
World Train information with picture of seats ( train )
Travel Distance calculator
World Travel Guide
Airport Guide
World Weather forecast and country weather info
World Public Holiday Guide
World Festivals
Online Travel Guide
Earth Calendar
Travel Quotes
Adventure travel magazine
10 Las Vegas Buffets
Wiki Travel ( Travel info by countries )
Cicerone – guidebooks for walking, trekking, climbing and mountaineering, cycle touring and hill and mountain skills.
Trailblazer – guidebooks for detail trekking maps and unique destination
Lonely Planet Guidebooks

I use guidebooks to get some idea and use their map.  But I do not relay on detail information. Especially price information change a lot and they cannot catch up with it.  Lonely Planet China was not good.  I usually buy books from or Amazon USA .  It’s cheaper.

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